2020 Outstanding Graduate Awards

We love the fall. It’s the time of year when we not only get to welcome new students to Sessions College; we also get to celebrate student achievement over the past year in our Outstanding Graduate program. The Outstanding Graduate Awards event is designed to acknowledge students who go above and beyond in their work. It singles out those who pay attention to detail and constantly improve their craft, whose work is creative and the product of sound research. It shows us those who have an eye for design, an openness to feedback, and a commitment to make their work the best it can be.

To honor the highest student achievement, Sessions College staff and faculty nominate Outstanding Graduates each year. Here are our 2020 Outstanding Graduate Award recipients:

Awards Process

Each Outstanding Graduate in this class graduated in the 2019-2020 school year. Award recipients were selected by Faculty and staff. Factors include strong body of creative work, excellent academic record, and overall contributions to Sessions College.


Katherine Butts, Illustration

“The best thing about Sessions College is how seriously the instructors and staff take our education. They are knowledgeable and amazing professionals in their field. I really appreciate the work they did and feedback I received.” READ MORE


Rachel Herring, Graphic Design

Because of online school I was able to get my degree while working and taking care of my three young kids. I was also able to help start a media company during that time and now that’s my full time job.” READ MORE


Kristy Nilsson, Advertising Design

“From the beginning admissions process through to program completion, the instructors and advisors are there for you no matter what. You are never on your own and you are 100% supported throughout your entire program.” READ MORE


Ted Wales, Web Design

“I was able to set my own times to study and learn, but still work part-time as well. At my age I think going to a traditional school I would have felt out of place, but I felt very confident here, learning online. “ READ MORE


Robin Imse, Illustration

“Studying online has been a godsend!  Going to a brick and mortar building for classes just wasn’t really an option given my responsibilities at home.  My family was able to move from Washington State to Oklahoma without any real disruption to my classes! ” READ MORE


Tanner Watson, Digital Photography

“Online access was really important to me. I could not make it to a location to study. Being able to do my work right from home let me do it at my own pace and even have the opportunity to go to college in the first place.” READ MORE


Erin Buonocore, Graphic Design

“Sessions help me discover motion design and I really fell in love with it. So I am going to work on sharpening my skills and hopefully continue my career in motion design.” READ MORE


Hannah Wessel, Graphic Design

“ I loved the flexibility of online learning. While I attended Sessions full-time, I worked part-time and that allowed me to work around my work schedule which was invaluable.” READ MORE


Benjamin Glinksky, Web Design

“I really enjoyed the way that classes were self paced. I also think that the student/teacher interaction is better than other online learning environments that I’ve been a part of.” READ MORE