2022-23 Outstanding Graduate Awards

Fall is an exciting time for Sessions College – we welcome new students, inspire current students, and celebrate recent graduates. During the Fall semester, we present the Outstanding Graduate Awards recognizing graduates who exceed expectations by consistently improving their work, accepting feedback, and leading by example for their peers. We wish the awardees and all our graduates great success as they launch or advance their creative careers!!!

To honor the highest student achievement, Sessions College staff and faculty nominate Outstanding Graduates each year. Here are our 2022-23 Outstanding Graduate Award recipients:

Awards Process

Each Outstanding Graduate in this class graduated in the 2021-2022 school year. Award recipients were selected by Faculty and staff. Factors include strong body of creative work, excellent academic record, and overall contributions to Sessions College.

Adrienne Schaumann, Associate of Occupational Studies in Illustration

“The flexibility is great!  Working full time, I was able to adjust my credit load, and the end-of-week deadlines enable students to work at their own pace.” READ MORE

Angelique Shipley, Undergraduate Certificate in Web Design

“The instructors were knowledgeable and considerate. The course material focused on real world scenarios. This made the course material relevant and easy to master.” READ MORE

Deborah Lefever, Associate of Occupational Studies in Illustration

“As a Pacific Cultural Artist, I want to use my degree as a stepping stone towards becoming a licensed Life Art Coach for the elderly and children with special needs so I may introduce art as a form of communication and so on.” READ MORE

Dhani Mouttet, Graphic Design Advanced Certificate

“The feedback really pushed me to produce my best work and I believe it really helped me to learn to critique my own work as a designer.” READ MORE

John Olson, Associate of Occupational Studies in Digital Media

“My goals are to work and collaborate with individuals and organizations to make a profound difference in the world. I also would like to be known for creating inspiring, thought-provoking, and fun content that can bring laughter and joy.” READ MORE

Kristy Ren-Hayzlett, Associate of Occupational Studies in Illustration

“I truly enjoyed studying online. I am an independent learner and I like going at my own pace. I loved having the freedom and flexibility to work on my studies when it best fit my schedule.” READ MORE

Kylie Welsh, Bachelor of Fine Arts in Graphic Design

“I would love to work in-house and be part of a highly creative, collaborative team. My goals are to expand my design knowledge further and contribute to projects that make a positive impact.” READ MORE

Ronald Graham, Undergraduate Certificate in Digital Photography

“Since graduating, I have found a niche that suits me: volunteer photography work for non-profit organizations. There is a huge number of these organizations and I am able to pick and choose those that want to utilize my skills. So far, so good! I’m a busy guy.” READ MORE