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Google’s Art Palette Has All the Color

by Margaret Penney | March 13, 2018

Google Art Palette Colors Tool

If you enjoyed the Google Arts & Culture app that matched your selfie to a famous work of art, you may also like Art Palette — an app that matches a 5 color palette to famous works of art.

Art Palette, new from Google’s Art & Culture, goes beyond being a novelty app and can be a useful tool for both artists and designers in exploring and discovering color and its relationships. Like most Google apps, Art Palette is a vast repository of works in a variety of styles and from multiple eras. The selection of images are from collections of artwork and antiques from museums and archives from around the world.

Google Art Palette

Google's Art Palette 1

Google Art Palette

Google's Art Palette 3

Google Art Palette

Google's Art Palette 2

Users can select for complementary or incongruous palettes. When you mouse over a color swatch its hexadecimal value is displayed — this makes it simple to add the colors to a website or mobile project. You can also allow the app to generate color palettes for you or upload an image to glean color from as well.

When clicking through ‘Surprise Me’ the app generates palettes and it seems to gravitate towards warm and earth colors, most probably due to the age of some of the more ancient artifacts in the collection. It seems as if the more varied the palettes and the ones with brighter and saturated colors display more diverse types of artworks and more contemporary choices.

To see the app, just visit


Margaret Penney is the Managing Editor of Notes on Design. Margaret is a teacher, designer, writer and new media artist and founder of Hello Creative Co.


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