Creative Cloud Courses

Subscribing to Adobe Creative Cloud puts a dazzling array of design software at our fingertips. You can deepen your software skills and keep up with the latest Adobe CC updates in our online Creative Cloud courses.

Options range from beginner to advanced courses is Photoshop, Illustrator, InDesign, Dreamweaver, and more. Scheduled and self-paced enrollments options available.

After Effects I

After effects course image Master the art of motion graphics with After Effects

Animate I

Adobe Animate course image Learn the basics of 2D animation with Adobe Animate

Bootstrap Using Dreamweaver I

Dreamweaver course image Tap the power of Bootstrap using the Adobe HTML editor

Bootstrap Using Dreamweaver II

Advanced dreamweaver course image Build advanced, interactive sites with Dreamweaver

Color Correction

Color correction course image Perfect your images using color correction in Photoshop

Digital Photography with Lightroom

Lightroom course image Manage your photo workflow with Lightroom

Illustrator I

Online illustrator course image Unleash the power of the industry-standard vector drawing tool for print and the Web

Illustrator II

illustrator apple course image Expand your Adobe Illustrator skills in challenging projects

InDesign I

Online indesign course image Learn the ins and outs of the industry-standard page layout program

InDesign II

Advanced indesign course image Take your publishing productivity to the next level with InDesign

Photoshop I

Online photoshop course image Learn fundamental Photoshop techniques through hands-on projects

Photoshop II

Advanced photoshop course image Expand your Photoshop skills with advanced techniques

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Did you know? You can take a course as part of an award-winning certificate or degree program.