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Continuing Education – Graphic Design

Graphic Design Advanced Certificate

Stretch your graphic design skills and discover your true talent. In the Graphic Design Advanced Certificate program, you'll build a foundation in Adobe software and design skills, and add area(s) of professional concentration.

As an Advanced Certificate student, you'll choose from a wide range of program options to meet your creative or career goals. For Graphic Design students, we recommend Print Design or Brand Identity. It's up to you—customize your program for a deeper portfolio.

Add concentrations and expand your creative horizons.

Build a Deeper Portfolio in 12 Months


Gain A Foundation in Design Skills


Add Areas of Concentration


Complete Your Program in 12 Months

Program Outline

Professional Certificate - 9 months

Level 1

  • 4218 Photoshop Basics
  • 4017 Color Theory
  • 4226 Illustrator Basics
  • 4221 Fundamentals of Typography

Level 2

  • 4020 Design and Composition
  • 4228 InDesign Basics
  • 4019 The Study of Graphic Design
  • (or 4211 Fundamentals of Logo Design)
  • 4013 Graphic Design I

See certificate program outcomes.

Choose a Concentration - 3 Months

Print Design Concentration

  • 4301 Print Production
  • 4302 Advanced Typography (Or 4335 Advanced Graphic Design)
  • 4305 Advanced Packaging Design


Brand Identity Concentration

  • 4225 Advanced Logo Design
  • 4016 Advertising Design
  • 4014 Branding and Identity


Customize your program by choosing one of 12 Available Concentrations.

Student Feedback

"I loved everything about Sessions online courses. The instructors were all fantastic! They answered any question that I may have had during the course. I learned so much during the time that I was a student." - Virginia Lamp, Undergraduate Certificate in Illustration Design

Learn to design from a faculty of professional artists and designers.

Career Information

Graphic design program graduates are prepared for entry-level graphic design positions in advertising, print production, publishing, and computer graphics. According to the US Bureau of Labor Statistics, designers "demonstrate their creativity and originality through a professional portfolio that features their best designs."

Potential employers for graduates include specialized design firms, advertising firms, printers, publishers, and computer systems design firms. Job titles include Graphic Designer, Layout Designer, Packaging Designer, and more.

Visit our Career Center for more information, or browse the Federal Occupational Handbook or O*NET database.

Getting Started

Enrolling online is easy and convenient.


Complete our free application form online.


Ask us about payment options and customizing your program.


Confirm your payment and register online.

Program At a Glance

Open Admissions. The Advanced Certificate is open admissions, with classes starting each month. To apply for the program, simply complete our free, no-obligation application and select your program options. Applicants are expected to have graduated high school.

Twelve Month Program. Classes start at the beginning of each month. The program includes one Professional Certificate (9 months) and one Concentration (3 months). The program can be completed in 12 months studying on a part time schedule. Additional 3-month concentrations may be added. Students must complete the Professional Certificate in order to enter concentrations. If you need more time to complete, there is a painless extension policy for an additional 6 months of access for students who qualify based on academic progress.

To take this program, you’ll need the following software and supplies. Student discount on Adobe Creative Cloud software is available to enrolled students.

Core Program

  • Mac or Windows computer with an Internet connection.
  • Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator, and InDesign CC.
  • Your computer must meet software manufacturer requirements.


  • Additional requirements will vary depending on your choice of concentration(s).

Effective May 1, 2020, tuition and fees for Advanced Certificate programs are as follows:

Advanced Certificate
Registration Fee$200
Total Cost$4,225

Paid in Full Discount: Total program cost is $3,999 for students who pay in full.

Enrollment in any certificate program requires a $200 registration fee (non-refundable five days after beginning of Orientation class or submission of first assignment). All tuition and fees must be paid on time, including those paid by third parties.

Payment Plan

Affording your education just got easier with our Payment Plan.

  • Pay for your Advanced Certificate with 13 monthly payments of $325.
  • Your first payment (which includes a $200 Registration Fee) is due at enrollment.

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