2020-21 Student Ambassadors Announced

by Sessions Staff | October 8, 2020
The evolution of any high quality educational institution is shaped by the interactions of its students, staff, and faculty. In fact, any school or college that is serious about continuous improvement must regularly engage its students in its own planning and self improvement activities.

So, how do the busy students at Sessions College shape our 100% online institution? How do the staff and faculty at Sessions find out what students think, what they want, or how they would like or see the college evolve in the future?

The answer is our Student Ambassadors program. Since 2010 we have assembled a talented group of volunteer students each year who kindly donate their time, their thoughts, and their voices to our institutional improvement initiatives. Are we on the right track? The Student Ambassadors let us know.

The Student Ambassador group has several online meetings each year, with a range of topics that align to institutional priorities.  Two powerful examples of Student Ambassador activities from our 2019-2020 team included:

  1. Representing the student body during our Spring 2020 DEAC renewal of accreditation. As part of our onsite visit, our Student Ambassadors were interviewed by program evaluators, helping us pass our 5-year accreditation with flying colors!
  2. Giving us essential initial student feedback on our plans for our first Bachelors Degree in Graphic Design program, which was released for enrollment into January classes this week! Student feedback was critical to helping us identify some of the exciting and innovative features in the new program, such as customized educational plans, a focus on research and presentation, the inclusion of work experience and business preparation, and more.

As Sessions College enters its first year offering Bachelor’s Degree programs, our Student Ambassador team is as follows:

Please join us in thanking these students for their service to the future development of Sessions College.

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