Advertising and Marketing Courses

Are you interested in designing for tomorrow’s big brands? Stretch your design skills and grow your marketing savvy as you get feedback on your marketing and branding work from our veteran faculty.

Our Online Marketing Courses and Advertising Courses range from marketing fundamentals to copywriting, concept development, and more. Scheduled and self-paced enrollment options are available.

"The best thing about Sessions College is that all projects are designed to prepare students for real-life scenarios. Each week, the assignments resembled the type of projects that designers would actually encounter in their field."

Savannah Dimovski
Undergraduate Certificate in Advertising Design

Find out more about developing advertising, marketing, and graphic design skills in the Undergraduate Certificate in Advertising Design program.

ADV 259: Advertising Design Capstone Project

Advertising design capstone image A portfolio project for Advertising Design majors

Advertising Account Management

Ad account management course image A practical guide to managing your advertising campaigns

Advertising Design II

Advertising independent study image An independent study for Advertising Design majors

Branding and Identity

Student branding identity course work Stand out in a crowded marketplace


Copywriting course image Master the nuances of ad copywriting

Creative Concept Development

Creative concept course image Creative tools for an artist or designer

Intro to Marketing

Beginner marketing course image Fundamental concepts in marketing design

Logo Design I

Logo Design course image A step-by-step process for logo design

Marketing Design

Online marketing design course image Create designs that communicate to consumers

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