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So you’re thinking about a creative career. You want to follow your heart, develop your art, and make a living. No matter where you are in your program, it’s never too early to research your career path and prepare for your job search. We’ve compiled a rich information source packed with tips to help you land your first (or your next) creative job.

Use our Design Career Guide to figure it out. Search our database of creative careers for design school graduates.

Design Career Guide

What’s your dream job? Check our Design Career Guide to browse creative job descriptions, career and salary information, and tips on how to get started.

Graphic Designer | Fashion Designer | Web Designer | Animator | Marketing Manager | Art Director | Illustrator | Multimedia Designer | UX/UI Designer | Photographer


  • Read creative job descriptions.
  • Find out what skills are required.
  • Learn where to research jobs.
  • View sample job ads.
  • Explore career paths and salary expectations.
  • Read first steps to get started.

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Career and Salary Outlook

There’s a lot of data out there that shows that the design industry is thriving. We’ve collected it on one handy page.

Job Search

Reaching out to employers or clients already? Look to our Job Search section for industry insights and tips for making sure your portfolio, resume, and interview techniques are up-to date.

Job Boards

Ready to start combing want ads? Check our our top 10 creative job boards. When it comes to finding creative employment, not all boards are created equal.

Professional Resources

In a creative career, you should never stop learning, so use our professional resources page. Pick up our design business templates to help you run your freelance projects. Explore our famous Color Calculator and check our the top 20 design blogs to expand your creative horizons each day.

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