Bachelor of Fine Arts in Illustration and Digital Photography

Advanced Certificate Programs

Looking to build a deep and broad portfolio of creative work? Professional Certificate graduates can enter the Advanced Certificate program and create a customized program, choosing from a range of specialized concentrations.

Build on the foundation established in the Professional Certificate with challenging hands-on projects help you hone your work in Print Design, Brand Identity, Web Design, or other creative areas. It’s the perfect program for adult learners with diverse interests.

Select Our Recommended Concentrations—or Create Your Own Learning Path

Advanced Certificate Concentrations

How it Works

Advanced Certificate students may choose from 12 concentrations in a range of subject areas. Each concentration is a 3-month program.

  • Enroll directly into the 12-month Advanced Certificate—OR add Concentrations after you complete your Professional Certificate.
  • Choose our recommended Concentrations—OR add any available Concentration.
Graduates earn an Advanced Certificate with Concentration(s).

Available Concentrations

Print Design Concentration
Explore a range of advanced graphic packaging and layout design projects.

  • 4301 Print Production
  • 4302 Advanced Typography (Or 4335 Advanced Graphic Design)
  • 4305 Advanced Packaging Design

Recommended for: Graphic Design Advanced Certificate.

Brand Identity Concentration
Make your mark in a series of logo and identity design projects.

  • 4225 Advanced Logo Design
  • 4016 Advertising Design
  • 4014 Branding And Identity

Recommended for: Graphic Design Advanced Certificate.

Web Design Concentration
Learn to hand-code HTML, CSS, and JavaScript and utilize the Bootstrap Framework.

  • 5229 HTML And CSS Essentials
  • 5303 Bootstrap Using Dreamweaver I
  • 7110 JavaScript for Designers I

Recommended for: Graphic Design Advanced Certificate, Multimedia Arts Advanced Certificate.

Digital Photography Concentration

Unleash your inner shutterbug with our suite of photography classes.

  • 7002 Digital Photography I OR 7004 Digital Photography II
  • 4242 Color Correction
  • 7015 Lightroom

Recommended for: Multimedia Arts Advanced Certificate, Fine Arts Advanced Certificate.

Digital Video Concentration
Learn professional level skills for shooting, editing, and producing videos.

  • 8040 Digital Video Production
  • 6225 Digital Video Editing I
  • 6010 After Effects I

Recommended for: Web Design Advanced Certificate, Fine Arts Advanced Certificate.

Graphic Design Concentration
Develop practical graphic design skills with projects for Adobe Illustrator and InDesign.

  • 4226 Illustrator Basics
  • 4228 InDesign Basics
  • 4013 Graphic Design I

Recommended for: Web Design Advanced Certificate, Multimedia Arts Advanced Certificate.

Illustration Concentration
Push your traditional and digital illustration skills to a higher level.

  • 4501 Drawing I (or 4502 Figure Drawing)
  • 4227 Illustrator Advanced
  • 4222 Digital Illustration Advanced

Recommended for: Fine Arts Advanced Certificate, Graphic Design Advanced Certificate.

Design Business Concentration
Boost your business with design projects geared to branding, marketing, and advertising.

  • 4225 Advanced Logo Design
  • 4213 Web Portfolio Design
  • 4050 Marketing Design (Or 5580 Internet Marketing)
  • 4303 Design Business

Recommended for: Graphic Design Advanced Certificate, Web Design Advanced Certificate.

Fine Arts Concentration
Paint your world with classic life drawing, figure drawing, and oil painting classes.

  • 4501 Drawing I (Or 4800 History Of Art)
  • 4502 Figure Drawing
  • 4700 Painting I

Recommended for: Multimedia Arts Advanced Certificate, Fine Arts Advanced Certificate.

Advanced Software Concentration

Advance your Adobe CC software skills in Photoshop, Illustrator, and Lightroom.

  • 4240 Photoshop Advanced
  • 4227 Illustrator Advanced
  • 7015 Lightroom

Recommended for: Graphic Design Advanced Certificate, Marketing Design Advanced Certificate.

Advanced Web Design Concentration
Take your Web coding skills to the next level, with CSS, Bootstrap, JavaScript, and Web fonts.

  • 5304 Bootstrap Using Dreamweaver II
  • 7116 Javascript for Designers II
  • 5415 Advanced CSS Layouts
  • 5216 Web Typography

Recommended for: Web Design Advanced Certificate.

Freelance Concentration
Choose any 3-4 courses from our available Vocational course list to create your own 180 hour program.

  • Course A
  • Course B
  • Course C

Student Feedback

I feel that the overall quality, composition, and complexity of my work have improved immensely. I feel more comfortable taking risks and exploring different design approaches with the skills and knowledge I’ve acquired.

Erin Stenzel, Marketing Design Advanced Certificate

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