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Best Graphic Design Conferences in 2024

by Sessions Staff | February 14, 2024


The Best Graphic Design Conferences in 2024:

  1. South by South West (SXSW) | $945-1,990 | Austin, TX 
  2. UCDA Creative Summit | $97-397 | Fully Virtual Event 
  3. CreativePro Week | $845-2,594 | D.C. & Online 
  4. Circles Conference | $397-597 | Grapevine, TX
  5. Design Matters | $215-875 | Copenhagen, Denmark & Online

South by South West (SXSW)



Dates & Location:
Fri, March 8th – Sat, March 16th, 2024 | Austin, TX 

Beginning in 1987, South By (as it’s commonly referred) has become a staple art and business convention where thought leaders and creators from a variety of different sectors come to connect, cross-pollinate, and attend community events.

Don’t let its popularity fool you. This convention is popular for a reason and is a great space to connect with likeminded individuals and companies within your sector (be it design or beyond).

SXSW also inherently provides opportunities to brush elbows with innovative workers across various sectors while attending engaging events from informative to just straight up fun.


  • $945 – Access to Music Events 
  • $1,495 – Access to Film & TV Events 
  • $1,595 – Access to Conference Events 
  • $1,990 – Access to All Events

One of the most intriguing aspects about SXSW is that there’s no single right way to attend. A wide selection of events, keynotes and forums make it easy for each attendant to tailor their own specific experience. This year’s conference is not exception, ranging a variety of topics including:  

  • Design 
  • Advertising & Brand Experience 
  • Startups 
  • Creative Industries 
  • Artificial Intelligence 
  • Game Industry 
  • And so much more

UCDA Creative Summit



Dates & Location:
Tue, April 16th – Wed, April 17th, 2024 | Fully Virtual Event 

For designers new and experienced looking to upskill on a budget, it’s hard to find a better package than what UCDA Creative Summit has to offer. Accessibility for younger designers is at the forefront of this event as the organizers have intentionally made the summit a virtual-only conference. 

Although practical tips, tricks, and industry news will be addressed, the primary purpose of this online conference is to better explore and understand the act of creating as a whole and how creatives can better align their work with this deeply meaningful process. 

A range of attendance options are also available.
-The Live Event only pricing is best for dutiful note takers.
-A Digital Recording of this year’s summit is a great option for those with tight schedules who won’t have to worry about FOMO.
-The bundle pass (includes both Live Event admission along with the companion Digital Recording link) is for those truly striving to drink from the fountain of knowledge. 

It’s also worth noting that the full-time student pricing makes this online conference a steal for younger creatives eager to listen and learn from more experienced masters of the craft. 

Register by March 11th to lock in the best possible prices for admission.


  • Illustration 
  • Photography 
  • Design 
  • Creative Thinking & Exercises

CreativePro Week



Dates & Location:
Mon, July 8th – Fri, July 12th, 2024 | Washington, DC and Online 

CreativePro is an in-person and virtual conference centered around providing creative professionals with the best how-to solutions, info, and expert leaders in: design, illustration, image editing, publishing, production, and more. 

In addition to the in-person events, the option to purchase at-home passes makes CreativePro a dynamic convention for cutting edge designers to consider.  

The at-home attendance options are especially enticing for those who have limited flexibility or simply don’t want to pay for additional travel, transportation, or room and board. 

Designers serious about mastering design should consider this event, especially if attending online while wearing a favorite bathrobe with fuzzy slippers is more ideal.

All prices open through May 10
th, 2024. 

  • $845 – One Day 
  • $1,395 – Two Day 
  • $1,895 – Three Day  
  • $2,295 – Four Day 
  • $2,595 – Five Day Platinum Pass (includes all session, tutorials, and handouts) 


  • Adobe InDesign 
  • Photoshop 
  • Illustrator 
  • Acrobat 
  • Microsoft PowerPoint 


Circles Conference



Dates & Location:
Wed, Oct 9th – Friday, Oct 11th, 2024 | Palace Arts Center in Grapevine, TX 

The top mission of Circles Conference is to ‘Amplify Creativity’ through the power of craftsmanship, self-expression, and the art of design.  

This touchstone design conference is the perfect opportunity to foster and create more intimate business connections without sacrificing value for size. 

The shorter runtime of Circles also requires less planning, is more affordable, and promises not to overwhelm attendees with back-to-back-to-back sessions. 

There are even yoga breaks and after-hour parties to help create more organic opportunities to connect, refresh, and relax outside of scheduled events. 


  • $397 – Student 
  • $580 – Group (5+) 
  • $597 – Professional  

2024’s Circles will explore how the groundbreaking innovations of AI can be utilized within the creative design process. AI discussion isn’t expected to take up the whole conference, but its inclusion as a topic is highly anticipated due to its broad implications and opportunities within the design sector and beyond. 

Design Matters



Dates & Location:
Wed, Oct. 23rd – Fri, Oct. 25th, 2024 | Copenhagen, Denmark and Online 

For those eager to venture out to Denmark and cross the cozy city of Copenhagen off their travel bucket list, Design Matters’24 is as good excuse to take the jaunt. For everyone else who prefers tuning in from the comforts of home, Live Stream virtual tickets are an enticing option at a much lower price point. 

The official slogan for the conference is, and will likely always be, “Made By Designers, For Designers” and that’s openly presented across the board for this event. A key aspect that stands out within this conference is its commitment to fostering a globally connected community of diverse designers from different backgrounds. 

2024 marks the 10th anniversary for Design Matters, so this year’s conference is guaranteed to satiate even the most ambitious graphic and digital designers for quality, professional panels and informative industry news.  


$215 – Early Bird Live Stream
$875 – Early Bird In-Person 


  • Design 
  • Digital Design 
  • And Yes, MORE Design! 


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