The World’s Most Iconic Logos (and their Hidden Meanings)

Which famous logos would you consider to be the most iconic of all time? Pick five or six. Once you’ve done this, ask yourself what all of them have in common.

Chances are, all of them contain hidden messages.


Iconic Logos Featuring Hidden Messages

While the hidden messages themselves can vary from one logo to the next, you can count on almost all of them expressing one thing or another. When it comes to the most iconic logos of all-time, you have to understand that virtually nothing is an accident. Consider carefully the fact that a logo can express itself in a variety of ways.

Try to identify some of these ways, as you consider some of the most famous logos of all time:

FedEx: When it comes to “hidden message” logos, FedEx is one of the best-known. Don’t know what the hidden message is? Take a look at the space between the “E” and the “X.” The negative space between those letters creates an arrow, which can be taken to mean a number of different things. Essentially, the message inherent in the logo is designed to suggest precision, speediness, and similar concepts.

Photo Credit: Mashable
Photo Credit: Mashable

Wendy’s: The Wendy’s logo hasn’t changed too terribly much, over the course of the past several years. There is a reason for that. Take a closer look at Wendy’s collar, and you may notice that it spells out the word “mom.” Consider the fact that Wendy’s founder Dave Thomas named his restaurant chain after his daughter. All of this is designed to suggest a strong family image for the iconic fast food brand. To put it another way, Wendy’s logo is telling you that their restaurant is a great place to bring the family.

Photo Credit: Fox News
Photo Credit: Fox News

LG: The LG logo hasn’t changed much either. When you understand how complex this seemingly ordinary logo is, you’ll see why LG has stuck to their guns. A lot of people think that the dark pink portion of the logo represents a winking face. While you’re not wrong, you’re also not getting the whole picture. If you look more closely, you’ll notice that the dark pink portion of the logo is created with lines that look like an L and a G.

Baskin Robbins: Besides being colorful, the Baskin Robbins logo also tells you how many flavors they offer. The company has included their 31 flavor range in their pitch for years. The logo is just one more way of telling you that.


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