5 Awesome Design Projects on Kickstarter Now

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| November 12, 2014

1. Passion Planner: The One Place for All Your Thoughts

After graduating from college, Angelia Trinidad experienced an all-too-common feeling of “analysis paralysis.” For months, she was troubled by the uncertainty of the future and the question of what came next. Finally, Angelia decided she needed to jump into action.

She realized that she’d always been helped by a daily planner, but wanted a planner that offered a more personalized experience. Thus, the Passion Planner was born. The Passion Planner combines the functionality of a daily planner with the ability to break down long-term goals into actionable steps. It’s a highly personal approach to the standard planner, and the project has been met with immense success.

Want one of your own? Backer levels start at $20 for a compact planner, and Angelia is offering a free PDF version if you share the project with friends!

2. Strainer Bowl: Beautiful and Practical

Form meets function in the Anton Strainer Bowl, which promises an elegant alternative to the standard kitchen colander. Not only does the Strainer Bowl use less water than other straining methods, it also has a handle that allows you to drain the water on your own terms—whether that’s into the sink or into a thirsty house plant.

This Kickstarter is a great example of the old adage, “If at first you don’t succeed, try, try, again.” The project’s first Kickstarter failed to fund in January 2014, but the current Kickstarter is going strong. It’s worth taking a look at both projects, as the newly launched Kickstarter illustrates the many benefits of high-quality illustrations, strong copywriting, and cheery photos.

Backer levels begin at $4 for the solo strainer component, and $24 for the complete Strainer Bowl.

3. Writer Emergency Pack: Helping Writers Get Unstuck

Experiencing a case of creative block? The Writer Emergency Pack is here to help! Conceived by screenwriter John August, the illustrated pack of cards offers a curated collection of some of the tips, tricks, and prompts written by writers, for writers.

The pack contains 26 unique cards, specifically tailored to writing fiction. Each illustrated Idea card comes with a matching Detail card that contains a list of additional suggestions.

The best part? For every Writer Emergency Pack that’s delivered to backers, the creators will donate another deck to a youth writing program. Packs begin at $19 a piece.

4. Paperwallet: A Super Thin Tyvek Wallet Designed by Artists

The featherlight Paperwallet is thin, durable, eco-friendly, and just plain pretty. Made from Tyvek (a multipurpose material used in everything from home-building to backpacking), the Paperwallet can keep up with the wear and tear of everyday life.

It’s bendable, waterproof, and 100% recyclable.

The Paperwallet comes in 12 different designs, each with a unique look and feel. Back at $12 to get your very own Paperwallet, or $100 for the entire collection.

5. Arist: Brew Coffee Like the Best Baristas

There’s nothing quite like that perfect, barista-brewed cup of coffee. The delicate balance of flavors. The ideal temperature. The golden ratio of milk to foam.

The creators of the Arist coffee maker know that every coffee bean is different, but traditional coffee machines brew every bean the same way. The Arist coffee machine customizes every step of the brewing process: grind size, grind weight, tamping pressure, water pressure, and more. It even let’s you adjust for the perfect milk temperature and the ultimate foaminess level.

The coolest part? The Arist connects with a smartphone app, which has over 100,000 recipes, and brews the perfect cup of coffee with the tap of a button. The machine starts at $299, but it’s a Kickstarter price only. When the Arist hits stores the machine may be upwards of $600.


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